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Titles of the Series

Verdies – Spring


Willy Whistle is a rascally Verdie boy. He is the most inventive and daring of all the Verdie kids of the Sea of Reeds. However, his hair does not want to turn brown at all. Remaining in kid status while his friends have all become guardians makes life very difficult for Willy. Nevertheless, his secret invention “the storm glider” make him move as fast as warblers and his other invention, the spider-web network saves the Sea of reads from the attack of swans and Grimps. 

Verdies – Summer


Summer is the favourite season of Verdie children and youngsters. In summer the water of the Babbly Lake is nice and warm, and on the sandy shore of the island, the beach opens. The frogs in the nearby reeds give a mini concert, the waterfowl meander like boats among the bathers, and in the kiosk on the shore Verdies wearing straw hats sell popweed, tangle fries, and alga ice-cream. While Willy Whistle is dreaming about constructing un unsinkable boat, his best friend Jumping Jeremiah disappears and the swans and Grimps have vicious plans to conquer Verdie Castle. 

Verdies – Autumn


As Autumn is coming Verdies must prepare for the cold days. They collect seeds, clean up their winter accommodation in the trunk of the old willow tree. When a young swallow becomes seriously ill just before departing for Africa, Willy Whistle leaves the reeds of the Babbly Lake to get him the healing potion from a wise old crane who lives in the neighbouring lake. But his visit to the unknown territory catches the attention of the water rats who decide to invade the Babbly Lake. 

Verdies – Winter


Most inhabitants of the Sea of Reeds have left or have hibernated for the cold winter season. However, unknown footprints appear in the snow on the lake shore. The rats and Grimps are preparing for a decisive battle against the Verdies. The Verdies need new allies, when Willy and Lily meet a half-frozen Grimp girl in the snow. As they save her and take her home, they become friends with her family. Soon Verdies get to know that Grimps are not as wicked as they used to think. This book is maybe the most exciting of all, but at the same time it deals with the issues of friendship, empathy and tolerance.

The four seasons are available in Chinese.


Africa Trilogy

Willy Leaves Home 


Willy hears some news from the storks who tell him about his lost father. Willy leaves Verdies' Castle to start a long and exciting investigation in order to find his dad. The trails lead to Africa, where he meets several strange animals.

Willy in Africa


The search for Willy's father continues. The travellers get to the depths of Africa, but on their way they rescue an elephant baby, help the rhino colonel to put out a fire, and occasionally get into trouble. At the end of the book they find the lost father in the middle of the jungle. 
The last part of the trilogy shall be about Willy and his father's adventures on their way back home.


Kiegészítő kötetek

Secrets of the Sea of Reeds


In this book it is always the reader’s turn to decide how to continue the story. The book contains several different story lines with seven different endings. After downloading a LivePrint App, it is possible to watch animated miniscenes at each story ending.

(Nádtengeri rejtélyek)

The Sea of Reads Calendar


The calendar explains the characteristics and habits of the lakeside inhabitants (both fictional and real). It can be used as supplementary material for teaching biology, environment-protection and the characteristics of seasons and months.

Verdies’s cookery book


This beautifully illustrated cookery book for children contains healthy food recipes and an extra tale of Willy’s adventures.


Lenge-mini sorozat

Mini Verdies Series

This miniseries comprises little stories about the times when Willy and Lily were small. 
The illustrations of the Mini Verdies series were created by the artists of Cinemon Entertainment Film Studio.

Nehez feladatok_Vilko es Lile.jpg

Willy and Lily – Hard Tasks

What is the hardest task for a 4-year-old Verdie boy? Willy can fix and prepare everything. But what about obeying his dad? Sometimes it is too difficult! In the other little tale Lily finds the way of frightening the hawk that is about to hunt the ducklings.


Willy and Lily – In the Reeds

Willy used to be a very active little boy who was not afraid of climbing even the highest trees. And what about Lily? In her tale we find out that she was a bad eater, refusing to eat almost everything. Still, his friend Willy finds a way to make her taste almost everything.


Willy and Lily – On the Shore

This little book is about friendship and playing together, which is not always easy at all. Children are sometimes jealous and unfriendly, and sometimes even best friends disagree. But still, having friends is the best thing in the world!


Willy and Lily - In the Dark

Willy is afraid in the dark, all noises and shadows frighten him. But his father knows how to help the problem. The first tale of the books tells you about this.

In the second tale we meet Lily and her friends preparing for the evening dance party. Lily makes flower wreaths for all her friends, but is too tired to make one for herself. But there is Willy and his lovely present to cheer her up!


Willy and Lily - I'm Not Afraid of Water

When Willy was a little boy, he became the friend of a groundhog. This little tale is about making things right after a mistake. Lily's little tale is about how the verdie girl learnt to put her face under water. 


Picture Books


Verdies – Book of Colors

This picture book introduces the colors to toddlers.


Verdies – Book of Numbers

Learn to count to 10 with the help of the Verdies!


Verdies – Book of Animals

Do you know the animals that live in Sea of Reeds?

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