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Foreign rights are available in English and other languages. For more information please contact us.


Target group of Rumini novels: 7-12 years.

Target group of "beginner readers' Rumini": 5-7 years. 


In Hungary Rumini 1 has become recommended reading in the 3rd grade of elementary schools.


In Hungary the series was originally published with hard cover and the black and white graphics of Anna Kálmán. For paperback foreign publications colourful, new illustrations ware created by Zoltán Nagy. Presently the series are available with both illustrations in Hungary, however the paperback version is also printed in black and white format. 

Some parts are already available in Dutch, Polish, Russian, Serbian, German.
The whole series is available in English and Chinese.

The Saga


Rumini and his friends sail on the Queen of the Winds over mysterious seas, among uninhabited islands, look for hidden treasures, get into trouble, and fight for justice. Each book contains a new journey to a completely new world.


Rumini’s world is full of perilous seas, beautiful but dangerous islands, prospering cities, and strange creatures. Noble and cruel kings, powerful magicians, ruthless pirates, friendly city dwellers, rascals, slave-dealers, and extraordinary animals inhabit the islands, continents, and waters of the saga.


Rumini – the protagonist


Rumini is a good-hearted, witty, and daring young street-boy of extraordinary ideas and brave plans, always ready to look for adventures. Having lived as an orphan in the harbour of Mouseland, he is happy to become a deckhand on the Queen of the Winds. Although the sailboat always faces dangers during the journeys, Rumini usually makes extra efforts to get into trouble. Nevertheless, his tricks, cleverness, and loyalty to his friends always make him succeed in the end. 


Characters of the Saga


The characters are mainly rodents, such as mice, dormice, gophers, rats, voles and squirrels. There also appear dragons, bats, sea monsters, rare animals, and strange creatures of the phantasy. However, these heroes behave, dress, and think like people. They live in a human-like world, where actions are motivated by friendship, love, loyalty, jealousy, bravery, fear, lust for power, or hunger for gold. 



“Rumini is one of the most magical, enthralling, exciting and friendly books I have had the pleasure of reading. After the first paragraph I was hooked and wanted to know what happened next. The stories are truly inspired and extremely satisfying. You soon forget the characters are mice and gerbils etc. They are brought to life so wonderfully by Berg Judit that you are instantly drawn into Rumini’s world and his fantastic adventures. This is storytelling of the highest order.” 
Dean Wilkinson, writer of LittleBigPlanet, Stupid, SMTV Live & Chums.

“I first came to know the Rumini books because one of my daughters was enthralled by the series. She began reading them when she turned six, and I can say without exaggeration that she discovered her love of reading because of Rumini (we would literally run to the bookstore when a new Rumini book came out). I have thus seen first-hand the joy these books have brought to Hungarian children, who relish her stories and also discover, through her tales, a love of literature. The tremendous success of the series among Hungarian readers is ample testimony to its merits.”
Thomas Cooper, translator and former professor of Hungarian literature in translation at Indiana University, the University of North Carolina, and Columbia University

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