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Rumini - Audio CDs and Radio

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Rumini 1 – Audio CD

The Audio adaptation of Book 1 is not just an audio book! It is the dramatized version of the book performed by leading Hungarian actors who make the story come alive in this fantastic audio version.

Directed by Katalin Román.

Music by György Csepregi.


Rumini 2 – Audio CD

Rumini in Hoarfrost Colony comes alive in the audio adaptation performed by great Hungarian Actors. MP3 format. 300 minutes!

Directed by Katalin Román.

Music by György Csepregi.


Rumini 1-4 – Radio Drama of MTVA (Hungarian Radio)

You can listen to the radio adaptations of Rumini, Rumini in Hoarfrost Colony, Rumini and the Four Sceptres and Rumini on Persimmon Shore in the performance of great Hungarian actors. (Rumini and Rumini in Hoarfrost Colony are new adaptations, not the same as the dramas on the Audio CDs!)

Directed by Péter Varsányi

Listen to the plays »»

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