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Penny and Charm

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Beautiful, yet funny stories of two tiny woodland fairies. Penny is a cheerful, little fairy girl who loves to cook, make music, dress up and live a pretty peaceful life, while Charm is a tough fairy boy, who figures things out, fixes things up and gets poor Penny mixed up in all sorts of mischief. Their friends from the forest are Benny the bird, the Hedgehog twins and Wayne the Weasel, but they often meet Bono the car mechanic fairy from the city and Nelly, the clumsy fairy from the UK.

Each volume concentrates on a specific topic (the weather, vehicles, trades, festivities, musical instruments) containing six individual tales with the charming illustrations by Panka Pásztohy. 

Volumes 1,2,3 and 5 came out on CD with the fabulous music of Emi Bizek
and the Halion Symphonic Orchestra (Produced by EMI.)

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