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Perry and Chloe

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Perry and Chloe are friends. They are both 3 years old, love playing together, stepping into puddles and discovering the world. Perry is interested in vehicles and construction machines, while Chloe in enchanted by animals and drawing. 

The Perry books focus on the everyday events in a toddler’s life including travelling on different vehicles, playground and household issues (cooking, helping in the garden, getting dressed alone, being jealous on toys, being afraid of the vacuum cleaner etc.) and other everyday issues (going to the swimming pool, a power outage, counting). All volumes contain two stories, which feature Perry and his friend Jingle, a colourful clown doll. We also get a chance to meet Perry’s pals, Josh and Chloe, and the next-door neighbour’s cat, Tiger. 

The Chloe books always feature animals, Chloe’s pet fox and doll. Perry also appears in the Chloe books. 

The first book in the series is available in a multilingual, interactive form downloadable onto intelligent mobile phones and iPads. 

The first two Perry books are available in Swedish.

Perry also appears on slide films, an activity book, a board game and a card game. Jingle is available as a toy.

Illustrated by Írisz Agócs

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