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Two Tiny Dinos

The Two Tiny Dinos books are amusing, humorous and modern stories about two tiny dinos who accidentally find the trick of time travel. They start their journey from prehistoric times, travel to a modern city, then to the Middle Ages, ancient Crete, then Christopher Colombus’s fleet discovering America, wander around with the ancestors of Hungarians, meet Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable, and are just about join the Apollo 11 crew to set foot on the Moon. 

Tricky the triceratops is the chronicler of the story and knows how important wifi connection is, while his best friend, Munch the t-rex, is swift and strong but not known for his brains. He’s meant to be a meat-eater but is happy to have a taste of anything he comes across. 

Illustrated by Csilla Kőszeghy.

The books contain short chapters, therefore are highly recommended for beginner readers as well! 

For the special travels of Tricky and Munch around the globe in present time, meet the campaign of Unicef Hungary.

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