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Verdies (Tales from the Lakeside)

Verdies (Lengemesék)

(English titles: Willy and the Guardians of the Lake, Tales from the Lakeside)

Foreign rights are available in English and other languages. English translation of the four seasons is available. For more information please contact us.


Translation grants are available in Hungary for foreign translations. 

Tales from the Lakeside are based around the four seasons. The series opens with Spring, where we are introduced to the world of warblers, frogs, swans, Grimps, and, of course, the Verdies, living in the glorious green rushes. 

The Verdies are green-skinned defenders of the Sea of Reeds. They fly around on warblers protecting the creatures of the Babbly Lake. The body of a grown-up Verdie is hardly bigger than the flower of a dandelion, and their skin is green, like the reeds themselves. When they are young, their hair is green, and they are only allowed to join the ranks of the guards when their hair has begun to turn brown.

Their home Verdie Castle was built by warblers. Their favourite pastime is the Bullfrog Rodeo where the champions of Verdies and Frogs compete. Their main enemies are the red skinned Grimps and their allies, the swans and rats of the neighbouring lake.

At the Festival of Bulrushes, the brown-haired youths are made guardians, and they are each given both a bulrush mace and a warbler mount.  Green-haired youths, however, are forbidden from flying. They have to make their way on foot. However, green-haired Willy Whistle proves that even a witty youth can save the Sea of Reeds.

Illustrated by Viktoria Takacs



The Verdies saga is centered around the ecosystem of a lake. While reading the tales children are introduced to the annual cycle of life at the lakeside. The stories raise awareness of environment protection and “green thinking”.

The Sea of Reeds Calendar can be used as supplementary material for teaching biology, environment-protection and the characteristics of seasons and months.

About the Titles

Target group: 5-10 years

The series has 4 parts – a book for each season. 

The books are also available in Chinese.

The Four Seasons' series – a book for each season


  • Spring

  • Summer 

  • Autumn

  • Winter

The Africa Trilogy – about Willie Whistle searching for his long lost father


  • Willy Leaves Home

  • Willy in Africa

  • Going Home (to be published in 2024)

Additional Books

Target group: 5-10 years

  • Sea of Reeds Calendar

  • Verdies Cookery book 

  • Verdies Mysteries 

Mini Verdies

Target group: 2-5 years

This miniseries comprises little stories about the times when Willy and Lily were small. 
The illustrations of the Mini Verdies series were created by the artists of Cinemon Entertainment Film Studio.

Picture Books

Target group: 0-2 years

Hard pages mini books introducing colours, animals, and numbers to toddlers

Also available

– TV series (4 seasons) 
– Animation films by Cinemon Entertainment Film Studio (2017 and 2018.) with several awards from international film festivals. Branded by Netflix.
– Activity books for each season


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