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The Raven’s Ring

This is a mysterious story in which the animal paintings and sculptures of the beautiful Matthias Church of Budapest come alive. The animals (led by a small white stone dog) must find the Raven’s lost ring in order to become able to turn back to their original form and become church decorations again.


Illustrated by Kincső Nagy.


Also available in English.

For readers aged 5-10.

The Raven’s Ring


'Then help us find the ring!' shouted back the owl. 'I suggest we all stop complaining, pull our socks up, and do something!'
'We don't wear any socks,' said the ox, but everyone ignored him.
'Does anyone know anything about the missing ring?' The owl looked around sternly. The animals all shook their heads, but then Blossom moved forward awkwardly.
'Yesterday I went for a wander around, that's why I didn't change back into stone like you.'
'How did you manage to move from this place?' yelled the black owl.
'I don't know. My legs just carried me off.' Blossom hung his head.
'I have an idea!' The grey owl raised a wing. 'There's a little girl who comes here, and she gave him a name! A statue that gets a name becomes stronger. That's why he could run off.'
'It's possible,' nodded the black owl grumpily. 'Anyway, tell us if you discovered anything while you were out there.'


Translated by Richard Robinson.

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