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Treasure Detectives Series

This series of detective stories always focus on a crime that is in connection with an outstanding work of art, an exciting historical period or an interesting part of cultural history. The protagonists are Hungarian high school students and a French detective.

According to my readers’ reviews, not only high school students, but adults enjoy reading these crime stories that are always connected to reality. The buildings, artefacts, treasures and historical facts appearing in the novels are real, only the characters and their actions are fictional. I’m planning to continue the series, partly because many readers expect to have a sequel, on the other hand, because I really enjoy the research and writing of such books.

Age group: 12+

The Guardians


This crime story for adolescents and is already a great hit among Hungarian teenagers. The protagonists are a bunch of Hungarian high school students, a French and a Hungarian detective and some highly professional criminals. The story is located in Hungary’s capital, Budapest, in the picturesque historical region of the Buda Castle and its most prominent gothic building, the Matthias Church that was founded 800 years ago. The mother of one of the schoolgirls is a journalist and has disappeared many days ago. Her daughter is desperately trying to find her, while she is supposed to take part in the History project of her class. At the same time the French detective comes to Budapest from Paris as he is following Hyena, the world’s most successful thief of art treasures. All trails lead to the beautiful Matthias Church, where the fate and life of the protagonists are tangled then untangled. During the investigations, readers learn a lot about Hungarian history and the hidden secrets of the Buda Castle as well as the life and thoughts of teenagers. This crime story is breathtakingly exciting, surprising, informative and hilarious at the same time.

The Searchers


Detective Renard and the Hungarian high school students return to get involved in a new crime case in connection with the ill-famed Roman silver collection, the Seuso treasure. The history of the treasure has a strong impact even on today’s life resulting a new series of crime and murder cases.

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