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Two Tiny Dinos in Ancient Times 


(Két kis dinó a zsírkréta korban)

Why are Tricky and Munch so small? How is it possible to travel in time? And how is all this connected to volcanos? The first part of the Two Tiny Dinos series provides the answers for all these questions with exciting adventures and lots of humor. 

Two Tiny Dinos Take a Trip to Town


(Két kis dinó Budapesten)

The first time travel of Tricky and Munch was a mere accident and they were really surprised to end up in the 21st century. The boy they meet in Budapest has little plastic dinos, a remote-control car, internet connection, and goes to school every day. This is a very big change for the tiny dinos!

Two Tiny Dinos in the Middle Ages


(Két kis dinó a középkorban)


No! They never meant to time travel again. Especially not to the Middle Ages. Tricky and Munch only want to find some free wifi to send a message to their friend in the 21st century. Too bad, the knights and the courtiers of king Matthias don’t understand this all. But later they get a chance to travel to Italy and happen to save a girl who is just about to marry a famous Renaissance painter.

Two Tiny Dinos in Crete


(Két kis dinó Krétán)

Is the Minotourus a minisaurus in reality? Munch believes it so and can’t wait to meet the nice relative who lives in the labyrinth of Crete. Luckily Tricky had a fabulous idea of how they would not get lost in the maze. All they need is a ball of wool. It’s such a simple idea that even poor princess Ariadne might use it. 

Two Tiny Dinos Discover America


(Két kis dinó felfedezi Amerikát)

Christopher Columbus really needed some help to get the Spanish ruler’s permission to go and look for India the other way around. He was also in need of brave supporters when wicked pirates attacked the Santa Maria. Too bad he insisted on having found India when he arrived to the New World!

Two Tiny Dinos and the Conquerors 


(Két kis dinó és a honfoglalás)

Ancient Hungarians who lived in tents, travelled on horses, and fought with bows and arrows set out to find a new homeland for themselves. Their shamans predict that there is beautiful and rich land awaiting them. Wait! Don’t go towards Bulgaria! Tricky and Munch know that your statues will stand in the main square of Budapest in 1200 years! The two tiny dinos even help the conquerors with a special drone. It only needs a clever hawk and two brave

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